Breakout Business Brands (B3) is a one-stop solution for kicking your business brand off on a powerful, professional foot.
We offer a fixed-price package of design deliverables, including:

An elegant type-based logo that will make your brand look pro

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A set of 500 beautifully printed business cards that feature a matte+glossy effect on the front and back

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A modern, dynamic website featuring all the current best practices: responsive, high-resolution, animation, and more

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A full set of brand-aligned images for the social media channels that make the most sense for your business

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Plus web/domain hosting, a brand color and font guide, robust website security setup, and much more!

Your Business Identity

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand, the first visual element that most of your audience encounters, so it needs to reflect the qualities that you want to associate with your business: Elegance? Intensity? Reliability? Fun?

Hiring industry-trained designers to develop your logo can be pricey — anywhere from $1000 to $50,000! Sure, you can hire one of the “mass production” services to create a logo for you, but what is that logo going to say about your company? Like most things, you usually get what you pay for. And whatever you start out with is going to stick in people’s minds, for better or for worse.
Having B3 craft a type-based logo for your business allows you to keep costs low without sacrificing on quality. What is a type-based logo? Well, the B3 logo is a great example: a logo that’s built around the creative use of text or numbers. This is opposed to “symbolic logos,” those that are built around an image or icon, and which generally require more time and energy to develop.
Here are some other great examples of type-based logos that we’ve developed for our clients:

Every B3 package includes these business identity deliverables:

  • Discussions to learn about your business, your audience, and your goals
  • Creation of a type-based logo based on the above conversation, as well as revisions based on client feedback
  • Selection of multiple color palette and font family options
  • A brand guide that outlines appropriate usage of the above elements
  • An archive of logo files in various color modes, sizes, and file types

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Your Business Collateral

Digital may be on the warpath, but print isn’t dead. Paper business cards are still the token of choice for the critical tasks of networking and casually promoting your brand.

We’ll get you hooked up with a beautiful set of business cards that will start your business interactions off right. All of our cards feature an impactful matte + glossy varnish effect that allows you to highlight important areas of the card design, such as your logo. See the example video here…
Business card finish demo

Every B3 package includes these business collateral deliverables:

  • Professional design of your card that will ensure impressive, elegant results
  • Printing of 500 full-color business cards on bright white paper, with a matte + glossy effect included
  • Free shipping to any address in the United States

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Your Web Presence

If you aren’t on the web, you kind of don’t exist. And if your website doesn’t function well and look good, you probably won’t get very far with your visitors (that is, if they find you in the first place).

There are a few prerequisites to a modern web presence, and every B3 website has them…


Virtually everyone is carrying a mobile device of some sort, so it’s imperative that your site work well on screens of any size (not just for usability, but for being seen). B3 sites work beautifully on any device.

High Resolution

Similarly, high-resolution screens are standard on those same mobile devices, and increasingly appearing on laptop and desktop computers. B3 sites will look sharp on all of them.


Static websites are soooo 2010. Lending motion to elements of your site increases the pizazz factor and can also improve usability. B3 sites move.

Web Fonts

Which font family is best for your website? The one that your brand is based on (probably not one that came with your computer). B3 sites use web fonts to ensure brand consistency.

Every B3 package includes these web presence deliverables:

  • Discussion and planning of the site based on your brand and business goals
  • Design and production of a responsive, high-resolution WordPress-based website based on the above planning
  • Creation of an elegant logo animation and implementation of other animated elements throughout the site
  • Careful configuration of your site, including strong security measures to prevent hacking
  • Basic copy editing for grammar and spelling
  • Registration of your domain name for one year
  • Hosting of your website for one year
  • Creation of brand-aligned social media profile graphics (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to ensure consistency across your digital media spaces
  • Integration of Google Analytics and Yoast SEO
  • Inclusion of a contact form to allow customers to contact you without giving your email address to spam robots
  • Setup of company email addresses/accounts
  • (Optional) Setup of a company blog
  • Launch of the site and announcement on the B3 blog and social media channels!


Sounds Great! What’s The Cost?

This is the best part!
The market value for the professionally-designed deliverables included in the B3 branding package is well over $5000. ALL of the above services and deliverables can be had for:


$500 + 12 monthly payments of $225 ($3200 total)

November Launch Special: $500 off!
(for a total of $2400 or $2700 with payment plan)

We’ve done our homework, this is the best startup branding package available anywhere. If your initial funding is limited or you aren’t ready for a traditional high-end brand treatment, this is the option you’re looking for.

Already have some of these deliverables covered? We can still help you out. The costs for individual design deliverables are:

Type-Based Logo, $400

Business Card Design & Printing, $500

Website Design & Development, $2500

First Year of Website Hosting, $100*

* $10/month thereafter

Optional Add-Ons

Symbolic Logo, +$500

B3 generally includes a typographic logo (explained above), but if you have your heart set on a symbolic logo, we’re happy to accommodate you! This option includes the creation and modification of an image-based logo design.

Studio, Portrait or Product Photography, +$500

Nothing drags a brand’s appearance down like lousy photos: low resolution, bad lighting, boring composition, etc. The B3 team can help ensure that your photo assets are as strong as the rest of your brand. learn more »

Brand Verbiage, +$500

Another component of your brand that says a lot about your company: its words! Your marketing materials need to eloquently establish what you do and why you do it well. B3 will ensure that your words represent your best qualities. learn more »


Frequently Asked Q’s

Who’s running the show here?

B3 is a product of Angled End Identities, a Portland-based branding & design studio that’s been crafting comprehensive brands for small businesses since 2001. We know small biz branding backwards, forwards, upside-down and sideways, and we’ve created this package of deliverables to help startups with lower marketing budgets represent themselves in a strong, professional manner. Learn more about AEI and see examples of our work at »

What if I already have a ______ (logo, domain, website, etc.)?

The B3 branding package was carefully crafted to ensure that your startup’s brand is really impressive from day one. We may be willing to work with existing brand assets on a case by case basis, but if we don’t feel that your existing asset(s) are up to snuff, we will politely suggest that you allow us to adjust or redesign it/them.

What if I’m not a startup, I’ve been in business for awhile?

That’s okay as long as you’re interested in improving your brand (why else would you be here?). We love transforming the brands of existing companies just as much as we love crafting them from scratch!

How long will it take before my brand is up and running?

The entire process typically takes 30-60 days to complete.

Will I control my own website?

We will be creating a fully-functional WordPress-based website that you can manage however you like after it’s published (we’ll help you get started with its usage). It will be hosted on our reliable, renewable-powered web hosting server for your first year, after which you’re welcome to continue paying $10/month for web hosting or migrate to another web host.