Add-On: Photography

The Photography add-on allows you to choose two of four photography categories:

  1. Portraits: Photos of you, your staff, your pets, etc.
  2. Products: Images of the physical products that your company produces
  3. Environment: Pictures of your office, workspace, surroundings, etc.
  4. Events: Imagery from a specific event or events that your business hosts or participates in

Each of the two photo categories you choose will come with (7) hours of total work time devoted to that photo project (this includes our commute, equipment setup/takedown, image post-processing, etc.; typically around half of the total time will be devoted to non-shooting tasks). We will give you an estimate of the amount of time needed to achieve your photography goals, such as the number of images you want to have at the end or the number of subjects to be captured (people, products, etc.), as well as offer various creative and organizational recommendations about your photos. Your final deliverable will be a package of digital files of various sizes and file types, ensuring ease of use for almost any context.

If you/your business are not located in the Portland, Oregon metro area, we will gladly attempt to broker the contracting of a professional photographer in your area, but be aware that this may not be feasible. You will only be charged for this add-on if we’re able to effect such a contract.